THE MULTI-DIMENSIONAL THINKING It is possible that the discovery of multidimensionality in theoretical physics may have far-reaching consequences on the evolution of human perception. Normally, in the three-dimensional perception the notion of "space" describes the limit to, for instance, other parallel universes.

Yet, in the theory of multidimensionality the notion of "space" can no longer be used to describe multidimensional processes. In more than 3 dimensions it is no longer possible to close spaces. The conventional notion of limited closed spaces becomes obsolete.

In multidimensionality there cannot be any closed space, but a permanent interaction of elements.

ABOUT MY PICTURES Perhaps it is possible to visualize mulitdimensionality with the help of painting. In my art I want to invalidate the illusion of timespace. After the discovery of perspective in Art we are now confronted with the experiment of representing an unlimited and inconceivable picture.

My picture is not an abstraction, it is a NATURAL PHENOMENON.